Video & Livestreaming Team


Pemo partners with professional videographers & photographers to deliver quality service & multimedia to the startup ecosystem.

 Professional Producers, Directors, Videographers & Photographers

Jeremy Francis

Jeremy is a Bay Area editor and filmmaker based in San Jose. He has a degree in film production and worked several years in Los Angeles before moving to the Bay. He currently works as a freelance cameraman and editor when not teaching for the local school districts or leading outdoor adventure trips for the R.E.I. Outdoor School.  Jeremy is also a professional photographer.  He likes to feature risk takers – from rock climbing to running, from surfing to sailing, whenever people are in their moments of passion.  He loves to take headshots & action shots with a difference!

Jason Penarelli

jason headshot 2Jason is a Bay Area native & received a B. A. in Film Studies from the University of California at Santa Barbara. After school, he entered the motion picture industry in Los Angeles. After a few years of working as Cinematographer and Gaffer, Jason joined the Peace Corps. He completed his full term of service in an orphanage in Bulgaria. Since his return, Jason pursues ways to harness the power of media toward educating and empowering audiences and media makers alike.

Professional Livestreamers

Joly MacFie, New York

Joly is based in New York City. He spent some years shooting punk rock from mosh pits before turning his attention to tech. He is an experienced meetup videographer/webcaster, known for his high quality split-screen work.