Randy Komisar, KPCB: You Can’t Make Change from the Outside You’ve Got to do it from the Inside

Randy Komisar, Partner Kleiner Perkins spent his youth working in the public sector & nonprofit sector. He was raised in a house where he learnt to buy low & sell high really well: he was a good businessman. He fought all those instincts to try & follow more of a […]


Robert Scoble led NoPanels with NoKeynote #nopanels

Robert Scoble led NoPanels Summer 2014 with NoKeynote.  Fabulous talk – in fact it had a momentum all of its own! Robert was also kind enough to give me a quick interview after the talk.  (I got reprimanded!)   [embedt][/embedt]  


Jeff Axup, CEO Sense6 #WearablesWorld

I met Jeff Axup, CEO Sense6 @Wearables World Demo Day & was very impressed with their service Sense6 is producing beautiful smart-jewelry for personal safety. The product looks like real fashion jewelry, but it has a hidden feature which lets a woman call an emergency operator in under a second. […]