Discount 20% TheStartupConference 2015

Its on again on May 14, 2015 in Redwood City: the 7th edition of the Startup Conference.  Sign up now for 20% discount off all tickets using the code ‘pemo’. With close to 2,000 entrepreneurs, the Startup Conference is one of the largest conferences in Silicon Valley for starting your startup, […]


Randy Komisar Partner KPCB: Theres Not Enough Women in Venture Capital Today

Randy Komisar, Partner Kleiner Perkins talks about Women Entrepreneurs. There’s not enough women in venture capital today & that’s part of the problem. Venture capital tends to be clubby in the sense that you tend to have confidence & trust & perhaps better communications with people that you feel are […]


Randy Komisar, Partner KPCB: Innovation is Distributed Around the Planet Wherever there are Smart People

Randy Komisar, Partner Kleiner Perkins talks about European Startups & Incubators,  The truth is that innovation is distributed around the planet, wherever there are smart people and that’s everywhere. Innovation is just part of the creative drive, the human condition to solve problems & create. And there’s no significant advantage […]