Video interview with Sergio Monsalve @Data2.0 Summit

Sergio Monsalve, Partner Norwest Venture Partners  is focused on early and growth investments in the digital media, mobile, and social areas. His current investments and board seats include Adaptive Planning, Bionic Panda Games, Branchout, Motif Investing, Rafter, and a couple of stealth projects. Sergio was previously on the board of The DealMap (acquired by Google), myYearbook (acquired by Quepasa), and StarCite (acquired by The Active Network). He is a board participant and is involved with Lending Club.

Sergio was kind enough to be interviewed @Data2.0 Summit & updated me on what Norwest & himself like to invest in.  Although his firm does not focus specifically on female startups, they have funded some great ones.  Also he shared what he considers is necessary for a great pitch: a winning team, passion, ability to articulate a really clear vision & market size.

Video interview with Andy Jenks @Data2.0 Summit

Andy Jenks EIR, EMC Ventures Andy is currently EIR for the venture capital division within EMC and set the thesis for Big Data investing. Andy has a deep expertise and background in large unstructured data. Prior to EMC Andy was CEO of Autonomy Optimost a leader in Marketing Automation. Andy has been in the big data space as an entrepreneur and engineer dating back to 1998 when he bilt customer targeting models, managed the analytics of the web crawl at Alexa Internet, and built the scale out architecture at Discovery Mining.

Andy was kind enough to educate me on what an EIR means & how much fun it is to be one!  Hopefully this will encourage more women to give it a shot!

Panel @Data2.0 Summit  There are many components of the data stack from hardware and data storage software to data content and data analytics applications.Data companies seem to be raising funds along every point of the data stack, yet which components are safe cash-flow bets and which are the billion dollar home runs? Is “Big Data” a brandnew hundred billion dollar industry or just the latest portfolio of technologies that extend the traditional data stack? Are more and more investors focusing on data-centric companies instead of a social media or mobile gaming companies, and if so, why?
Andy Jenks, EIR, EMC Ventures & Mike Dauber, Vice President, Battery Ventures & Luis Robles, General Partner, Sequoia Capital & Matt Ocko, Managing Partner, Data Collective & Sergio Monsalve, Partner, Norwest Venture Partners.

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