Future of Social-Loco Investing #SocioLoco

We really enjoyed @Social-Loco Conference & this is video of the investment segment (our favorite segment of all the conferences of course) in two parts.

2010 saw a surge in venture funding of social-loco companies, with investors looking to get a piece of both new companies & established players.  But what does it take to create corporate value in this growing space….& how will startups compete with the growing power of the big location platforms like Google, Microsoft & Facebook.  What are vcs, angels & CorpDev people thinking about the Social-Loco space?

Moderator Marc Prioleau, Prioleau Advisors @mprioleau Panelists: Stewart Alsop, Alsop Louie Partners @salsop ; John Malloy, Blue Run Ventures ; Kent Goldman, First Round Capital @kentgoldman; John Lily, Greylock Partners @johnolilly

0 Future of Social Loco Investing #SocioLoco

and Part II

0 Future of Social Loco Investing #SocioLoco

 Future of Social Loco Investing #SocioLoco

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